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Dabe - Art

Dabe-Art .org Beeldend Kunstenaars

Wood is a common material for artists to express their understanding of the world.But wood is not the easiest material: it is not homogenic, it demands lots ofattention and skills and you cannot do copies for increasing thebuisness. Why do I use wood after all? Besides hard and splinterybeechwood?

Thework is risky and tedious, demands concentration and sensitivity for thematerial’s structure – thus challenging craftmanship. Together with the subtletexture and unexitedly tint of beechwood that makes it my favourite material.Beechwood allows undisguised view towards the form language. The shiny smoothsurface means a distance to „harsh“ nature to me. The outcoming piece is apicture, not a copy.
Thetactile dimension: There is this invitation to the spectator to touch, to feelthe inherent stored warmth of the sun deep inside of the material.  Theincorporated strings and muscles can be touch and open another dimension tophantasy.

Subjectfollows function. My abstract – as well as the anthropo- and zoomorphicsculptures emerge from the curiosity what other structures evolution could find– or improve – to add another niche in nature.

Imostly work without preceding drawings und start to work unintentionally; the„idea“ evolves during the progress – the work is the result of an undeterminedprocess that is condensed to an aim quite late.

I am using the traditional tools: saws, mallet and chisels, rasps and files.Additionally electric drills, multitools and sanders. But the last 30% of thework is smoothing and sanding the surfaces manually with sandpaper until itgets that certain shine.



E-mail: info@designetalage.nl
Telefoon: 06-20853685

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